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    الدفع نوع: T/T,Money Gram,Western Union
    Incoterm: FOB,CIF
    أدني كمية الطلب: 10 Set/Sets
    موعد التسليم: 30 أيام
  • Mr. Rico huang

معلومات أساسية

نموذج: LYHR-VC01

كاركيس المواد: الميلامين المجلس

كونترتوب المواد: الحجر الاصطناعي

حوض المواد: سيراميك

قلم المدقة: حديث

التركيب: معلقة على الحائط

Water Blocking Plate: With Water Blocking Plate

مرآة مصباح: بدون مرآة مصباح

حسب الطلب: غير مخصص

شرط: الجديد

Size: 1000*500*600mm

Color: Optional

Hardware: DTC

Additional Info

تفاصيل التعبئة والتغليف: epe داخل + ورقة الثابت + حالة خشبية

إنتاجية: 1000 sets per month

علامة تجارية: ينغين

نقل: Ocean,Land,Air

مكان المنشأ: الصين

تفاصيل التجارة القدرة علي التوريد: 12000 set per year

الشهادات: CE/RoHs/ISO9001

رمز النظام المنسق: 9403609990

ميناء: Guangzhou

وصف المنتج

 product description

بالوعة الحمام الجديد مع مجلس الوزراء

قم بتنظيف حمامك بمنضدة حمام جديدة طازجة أو قم بتجديد الغرور الموجود لديك. مع الكثير من دواعي الحمام للاختيار من بينها ،

يمكنك العثور بسرعة على الغرور الذي يكمل ديكورك.

من الطراز القديم وعتيق إلى ريفي أو حديث ، الحمام بالباطل يأتي في أشكال عديدة. اعتمادا على حجم حمامك

واحتياجات التخزين الخاصة بك ، واختيار الغرور الحمام واحد أو مزدوج أو لديك واحدة مصنوعة خصيصا بدلا من ذلك.

يمكن لحمامات الحمام تحديد مظهر غرفتك الأكثر ازدحامًا. بعد الاستيقاظ والاستعداد أمام نفس الحمام لسنوات ،

إنه في النهاية وقت للتغيير.

new bathroom sink with cabinet


1 Materials Advantages2 Details Introducttion3 Metal Sink Cabinet4 Color Options5 Color Options 16 Marble Color Options7 Quartz Color Options9 Production Process 1Production Process

The function 
of waterproof.
  anti-termite   Easy to clean.   safe and stable


Our panels use edge banding for all sides to enhance waterpoof.And it not  very easy to rot even after long time soaked in water.
  Our plates are dealt with special  anti-termite coating ,let termites turn away from them .   The panels are very easy to clean since the surface are finished by special craft.Just need to wipe lightly can make your kitchen be new!   with super tenacity and strong load-bearing capacity to avoid cracking and collapse

Door production process



Eight Knife Machine Carving
The machine we use to carve is 8 Knifes Carving Machine. Using this machine can carve fine and nice patterns than other normal machi

Overall mechanical polishing
The advantages of polishing by machine is making sure the plates smooth,glossy and uniform. Alo it can reduce mistake when operating, enhance effectiveness , and ensure the quality.

Polish Details Manually
Some place the machine cannot reach, we polish it manually,try our best to make it smooth like nature itself.

No-dust Workshop
The process of painting is very important , because a little dust will destroy the operation , making the finish imperfect, then affect the quality because of the dust.

Digital Cutting VS Hand cutting machine

Hand cutting machine is hard to control the data of plates, which makes the plates irregular on size after cutting ;However digital cutting is more precise than hand cutting machine,which can ensure no Slit during Splicing the plates


Seamless joint VS Seam joint

The seamless joint of our cabinets aovid the damage and lost of important documents .And the probability is very smaller compared seam joint.

Lingyin Edge banging VS  Other factory

Some factory wouldn't do edge sealing for the panels to save their cost.
But it will shorten the life time of boards and easy to get wet.
Our factory adopt edge banding for all sides.It not only can enhance the ability of waterproof,but also looks nice.



HENKEL Glue VS Other normal Glue

Some factories use poor quality glue with Heavy odor ,High formaldehyde content in order to save cost, but which will hurt our health very badly. However, the glue we use is International Brand"Henkel" to seal edge. This Glue not only has Strong adhesion, but also no odor.Formaldehyde content of our plates ia arrived the national level of safety standards,which ia more healthy and Environment Friendly

Moisture-proof Sticker VS Normal Screw

The only place cannot seal well is the hole of screw , so it become a weakness of moisture-proof board. For this reason, we are specialized in making the Moisture-proof Sticker to seal the hole of screw,which is not only beautiful , but also prolong the time of using.


Plate with Label VS Plate without Lable

Every plate has its own lable in our company,telling the clients what plates assemble the whole cabinet.The lable can make it easy and convenient in installation. With this Lable , you also can DIY easily .

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